Raising sheep takes dedication and commitment to both the animal and the land, and Cascade Creek is proud to work with dedicated, tirelessly-working ranchers on the Western Coast of the U.S. You won’t find a more consistent, year-round supply of grass-fed super-premium lamb anywhere else. And you won’t find lamb raised with more passion and care than Cascade Creek.

We value our ranching families’ commitment to being a part of something bigger, as they work to make better outcomes for the planet and the plate.

Our west coast ranches are nestled amongst California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Idaho’s high country and the hills of central Oregon.



Jaime & Robert Irwin

“Constant movement is good for the animals,” Robert Irwin says. The ranching family grazes their flock year-round on Napa and Sonoma’s revered vineyards, through the spring fog, the searing summer heat, and the wet, windy autumn and winter months.

The love the Irwins have for their sheep is reflected in their overall commitment to sustainable ranching. Since 2012 they’ve run their sheep over breathtaking California vineyards including Bonterra and Chanel-owned St. Supéry. The sheep provide weed control and fertilize the soil while benefiting from the nutrient-dense vegetation that grows naturally among the grapevines. Additionally, the Irwins graze their sheep for fire mitigation, helping reduce the risk of wildfires. This is part of Robert’s commitment to ecosystem restoration, a cornerstone of his sheep operation.



Ryan Mahoney

Ryan is a fifth generation rancher for the family business in Northern California near the Sacramento Delta, but didn’t take to the ranching life until college. Bringing a modern, tech-savvy approach to livestock ranching, Ryan uses a drone to film the sheep and train his team to better handle them. But Ryan notes that pasture management is behind every successful grass-fed lamb program: he rotates the cover crops so the lamb have a consistent source of vegetation to graze on.

Trusting the rancher to deliver sustainably-raised, grass-fed, antibiotic-free super-premium lamb is what we—and ultimately, the consumer—rely on. Here at Cascade Creek we trust ranchers like Ryan Mahoney and Emigh Livestock. Because as Ryan says, “We don’t make promises we can’t keep.”