Authentic, natural and sustainable

Welcome to Cascade Creek, where our lambs graze in picturesque pastures and enjoy the nutrient rich, fertile grasses grown only in the coastal, mountain and valley regions of the West Coast. The lambs are rotated from one pristine field to the next and never exposed to harsh elements. Raising our flock in this simple and unique way assures consumers are getting a product as pure as nature. Fresh air, rich soil and natural greens indigenous to the region make up the lambs’ diet. Cascade Creek brings sustainability and agriculture together in a way no one else has ever imagined. We believe in nature – the complete circle of life. Cascade Creek lambs are passionately cared for by family farmers, raising each flock in harmony with the best nature has to offer. The result is a fine and flavorful product you can feel good about purchasing and thoroughly enjoy serving. 

Rancher Robert Irwin and Family

Just let nature do its job.

Grass fed and vineyard raised is how we approach caring for our precious lambs – naturally, sustainably, compassionately. Grazing in this special vineyard environment creates a mutually beneficial relationship between winemaker and rancher; the flock is nourished with nutrient rich vegetation naturally occurring beneath the vines while the winemaker is provided a natural solution for ground maintenance and fertilization.

The grapes truly benefit from this process too – the soil is enriched, rooting is strengthened and the growing and vitality of the plants is increased. This effort is led by Robert Irwin. Robert is a third generation sheep farmer who was given five sheep the day he was born, and he's a proud member of the Cascade Creek family of farmers. At just five years old, he started his own business by purchasing sheep from his older siblings as they went off to college. Robert raises his flock with the utmost respect for the land and is a true steward for the care and raising of the sheep. Ranchers like Robert take the foundation of their family legacy and bring it together in its simplest form ... “Just let nature do its job.”